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Talkin' Trash Blog
Really?  Talkin' Trash??  Yes, well, sometimes that is appropriate.  I reserve the right to rant.  Having been out here in the business world for so long, there is magic, and there is garbage.  So, sometimes it is just what is needed to shine a light on what is out there that can hurt you.  I feel like part of my purpose is to point out flaws in the system, or programs that should be questioned.  Maybe they work in certain select situations, and maybe not in every situation.  So when I encounter these issues, I will expound on them here.  I do not intend to do harm; and I DO intend to forewarn. 

Credit Card Use

June 3, 2017

By Gayle Goldstone

Credit Card Use The classic position regarding this subject is: “Don’t use any!”  A simple statement, and actually not entirely valid. A fundamental issue about debt is the idea of matching the duration of the benefit of the purchase to the duration of the debt service.  Meaning, if the purchase has long-term benefits to the company, you can take longer to pay for it.  Suffice it to say, the duration of the benefit of a business lunch is difficult to pro... Read More

Categories:  Talkin' Trash, Money Talks

A System Run Amok

December 9, 2011

By Gayle Goldstone

A System Run Amok I have the utmost appreciation for business.  A lot of you have asked me “what in the world is going on right now?”  I think there is some confusion regarding the perception of business and the banking industry.  I don’t think the same rules apply; and I don’t think it is appropriate to lump the two together.  I believe, for example, that there are plenty of (perhaps more than enough!!) regulations in terms of businesses and ho... Read More

Categories:  Talkin' Trash, Money Talks