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The intention of my blog is to impart a lot of information, in an inspiring and educational way.  I love teaching and sharing my knowledge and experiences in a way that 'sticks.'  So, I hope that as you read my blog that you get to know me, and at the same time, the articles incentivize you to seek whatever knowledge is necessary to empower you to greatness!  It is all up to you, so READ ON!

A System Run Amok

Gayle Goldstone December 9, 2011

I have the utmost appreciation for business.  A lot of you have asked me “what in the world is going on right now?”  I think there is some confusion regarding the perception of business and the banking industry.  I don’t think the same rules apply; and I don’t think it is appropriate to lump the two together.  I believe, for example, that there are plenty of (perhaps more than enough!!) regulations in terms of businesses and how they operate.  Yes, large corporations are beholden to their shareholders, and it is incumbent upon them to create value for their owners.

However, in terms of banking, we enter a whole new world.  This is where money flows (and doesn’t!!), and banks can largely be regarded as brokers.  And that is where the trouble rests, because the controls are simply not stringent enough.  The connection between the money managers and governmental regulations has been broken.   So much has been said about letting the markets ‘find their own level,’ or statements of that nature.  Nope, sorry, it doesn’t work that way.  This is a system that has run amok, and no longer is in balance.  I allude to balance often in the business of being in business.  The financial markets no longer have the controls necessary to maintain a healthy balance.  Those that have the reins, are pulling much too hard, and have ridden the system into the ground.  The leadership needed to bring this back into balance is not in place; and I have looked for it……

One of the problems is how unpopular any leader will be to bring things back into balance.  The reason is that the solutions are painful and fraught with change, the kind of change that no one individual wants.  We have gotten far too used to the pleasures our system provided.  That system is damaged and the solutions are tough ones to live with.

What to do?  Stay tuned…..

One thing NOT to do is be discouraged about starting or maintaining your own business.  I truly believe in the grand scheme of things that owning your own business is one of the ways to thrive within the current state of things.  We have opportunities for ourselves there that we cannot create any other way. 

Some basic understanding of budgeting and cash flow management is essential in order to optimize your situation.  There will be much more on this subject under “Read the Fine Print.”

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2Responses to "A System Run Amok"

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Gayle, it seems like the only way to thrive owning your own business in this climate is to be sure you can boot-strap it on your own and not rely on the financial institutions right now. What do you think is really needed in the current leadership to bring this all back in to balance.

By Kris on Friday, December 9, 2011

The first thing to do for yourself is to build a solid foundation for the business that leaves as little up to chance as possible (don't worry, there will be plenty of unplanned excitement!!). That means you have to do an adequate amount of research in all areas of your business and do the numbers. Remember, if you can't quantify it you can't measure your results. That's far too risky in any business environment. Boot-strapping is ONE WAY of doing it; and that depends largely on how much of this you can do yourself and enroll the assistance of others. I prefer a combination of your own ingenuity, your ability to be able to network and enlist assistance, and leverage whatever means you DO have in a combination that gets you on-the-record proving your concept. Suffice it to say, once you achieve that benchmark, you create more options.

HA! What a question (regarding leadership). We need leadership that can actually put some of what I just suggested to work in a public forum. That means soliciting cooperation AND functioning independently. It also means whatever decisions get made might not be so popular in the short-term, but would benefit everyone in the long-term. Honestly, that is why we have so many challenges: A four-year span of time just isn't long enough to solve the vast array of problems, and worse, it isn't even really four years.

The only answer (or antidote!) in my view is doing as much on your own as possible. That is truly my purpose: To give you as much knowledge and thoughtful suggestions as I can to help you do that. Thanks for asking.

By Gayle Goldstone on Friday, December 9, 2011

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