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Ramble On Blog

Yes I do, don't I? I am very excited about sharing as much as I can when you are interested in reading it.  Ramble on is my category to elaborate on ideas, and concepts that require lengthy explanations.  So I approach this category with humor as well, because you are going to have to put up with my ramblings!  Take a chance; come take a closer look!

Who Are You?

February 2, 2012

By Gayle Goldstone

Who Are You? One of the most important initial considerations you have as a new business owner is to understand the characteristics of a business. Would it surprise you to know that your business will take on many of your personal characteristics? After all this time and experience spent with business owners, I can tell you it is often the case. “Oh my goodness, that’s not such a good thing!” It is a fine thing. It is definitely something that you need to reco... Read More

Categories:  Business Fundamentals, Ramble On

Staying on Track and Choosing the Right Path

January 5, 2012

By Gayle Goldstone

Staying on Track and Choosing the Right Path I was asked recently to assist someone in evaluating a company that he had been involved with.  It was a start-up with lots of potential.  They had some intellectual property (“IP”) and were moving from the development phase to the manufacturing phase.  Just because you have a good idea and have established your rights to it, doesn’t mean you can now head a manufacturing operation.  Please realize that they are very different, and in... Read More

Categories:  Ramble On