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Tailored to your specific needs, my focus is to incorporate my business knowledge and experience with your business and personal goals. The reason that I tie your business and personal goals into our work together is that it is unrealistic to work on one without considering the other. So, getting to know all aspects of how you see your future unfolding is a crucial part of our work together. This section will assist you to identify all of the ways in which I can assist you, and hopefully point out all those areas that require your attention.

If you're saying to yourself "I really need an objective, outside evaluation of my business," an in-depth analysis is needed. A business evaluation involves looking at all aspects of a business to determine whether or not the business is operating at its optimum level. This involves working with you, the business owner(s), and analyzing the operating results of your business to determine potential areas for improvement. We will then establish priorities and develop a plan of action. I will also assist with implementation.

I review business plans for components and content.  All aspects of the plan need to 'work together' and to be consistent. 
My approach is in stages to: 
  • Verify the credibility of the information sources
  • Look for consistency in the information
  • Trace the numbers through the narrative
  • Review for proper format
  • Check to assure that the calculations are correct

This involves coming up with an overall game plan. I am going to interview you and establish what your primary goals are. Your personal as well as business goals are included in this strategic formulation.
We consider your:
  • Experience
  • Education
  • Strengths
  • Challenges
  • Resources
  • Timing

Sometimes we are not really sure what we need. It is important to identify all of your concerns, and come up with a logical approach to address them. Based on all the years that I have worked with business owners and managers, it is clear to me that everyone has different perspectives and histories that require consideration. It has never been about fitting someone into a box. I feel it is critical to tailor the guidance that I provide to the individual and their organization.