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In business, it is essential that we pay very close attention to detail.  If that is not one of your strengths, you must surround yourself with support that CAN pay attention to those all-important elements.  They are everywhere.  I have to say that equipping yourself with a nice magnifying glass is not a joke.  I have one on my desk and use it often; and not because I am visually challenged, but because there is a lot of light gray-on-gray backgrounds on contracts and other business documents.  Is that intentional?    Well, I cannot say......all I know is that NOT paying attention to those obscure, hard-to-read specifics can lead to some ugly surprises.  So, as we go along, I will be sharing with you those "traps" that exist to make you aware of what to avoid, and to remind you that everything is negotiable.

Digging Deeper

January 12, 2012

By Gayle Goldstone

Digging Deeper One of my favorite stories is when I was representing a person who wanted to buy a printing business.  Initially, I was asked to review the numbers.  For a small printing business, the numbers looked good.  Relative to the asking price, it was not out of line for the owner to be asking the price he was asking.  It seemed to me that there was parity between the volume and profit of the business, and the selling price.  That was a good start.&... Read More

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